Supreme Court - Civil Jurisdiction
1 Gouger Street, Adelaide
Thursday, 27 November 2014


Court 12 - Before Justice Gray
  at 9:00amEstate of Nyunt (Directions)

  not before 9:00amEstate of Wilden (Hearing)


Court 3 - Before Justice Blue
  at 9:00am Maranello Trading Pty Ltd, Mitolo Group Pty Ltd, Mitolo Vineyards Pty Ltd, Mitolo Investments Pty Ltd v. P. Schutz, S. Schutz, K. Schutz (Directions)

Court 6 - Before Justice Bampton
  at 9:00amB. Bidstrup v. H. Cullen, D. Lance, The State of South Australia (For Directions)

Court 11 - Before Justice Vanstone
  at 10:15amD.C. Angel v. Prince Alfred College Incorporated (Trial - Part Heard)

Sir Samuel Way Building

Court 3 - Before Justice Peek
  at 2:00pmL.M. Williams v. Police (Judgment Delivery)

Supreme Court Library Building

Court 7 - Before Judge Dart
  at 11:00amK. Kowalski v. Stanley and Partners, T. Bourne (For Argument)

  at 2:15pmD. Sabatino, Sab-Mon Pty Ltd v. De Construct Pty Ltd, Semae Nominees Pty Ltd, D.J. Eames, Waste-Away SA Pty Ltd, C & D Eames Pty Ltd, J. Moussa (For Argument)

Court 8 - Before Judge Withers
  at 9:15amT. Clifton, M. Hall (Specially Returnable)

  at 2:15pmTwohong Australia Pty Ltd v. S K Lau Pty Ltd (For Argument)

   S. K. Lee v. Gouger Centre Pty Ltd, Lottwo Pty Ltd, Macnificant Pty Ltd, The Wine Kingdom Pty Ltd, Gouger Centre Apartments Management Pty Ltd (For Mention)

Court 8- Before Judge Withers
  at 10:00amM.C. Maguire v. Amp Financial Planning Pty Ltd, T.L. McPhee, Nicholls Gervasi (A Firm)

  at 10:10amRyemma Super Fund Nominees Pty Ltd, P.F. Moore, J.M. Moore, J.S. Moore, K.J. Moore v. WBP Property Group Pty Ltd, B. Quinn

  at 10:20amB.J. Tonkin v. A.J. Tonkin

  at 10:30amC.D. Stafford v. M.S. Mallia, J. Mallia, C. Mallia, S.J. Morris, H.J. Morris, N.J. Morris

  at 10:40amC.C. Feehan v. S. Goss, G.R. Feehan, K.D. Feehan

  at 11:00amS. Som v. C.S. Taing, R.A. Adcock

The following Magistrates Appeals are warned for hearing commencing Monday 1 December 2014 before the Honourable Justice Nicholson:

Monday 1 December 2014 at 10:15am- Scott Ronald Battle v Police
Monday 1 December 2014 at 2:15pm Stephen John Berti v Police
Monday 2 December 2014 at 10:15am- Danny Fassina v Police
Monday 2 December 2014 at 2:15pm Joshua Richard Gottweihs v Police
Monday 15 December 2014 at 10:15am- Wade Kenneth Stone v Police
Thursday 18 December 2014 at 9:30am- Carole Julia Stone v Francis Walter Moore

For further information or enquiries please contact the Associate to the Honourable Justice Nicholson on chambers.nicholson@courts.sa.gov.au.

The following Miscellaneous Appeal is warned for hearing in the month of December 2014 before the Honourable Justice Bampton:

Friday 19 December 2014 at 10:00am- The Corporation of The City of Adelaide v T Circelli

For further information or enquiries please contact the Associate to the Honourable Justice Bampton on chambers.bampton@courts.sa.gov.au

The following matters are listed before the Full Court in the month of December 2014:

Tuesday 2 December at 10:15am W. R. Hall v. The Director of Public Prosecutions
Wednesday 10 December at 10:15am B. J. Harrop v. J. S. Marshall
Thursday 11 December at 10:15am G. L. Richmond v. Moore Stephens Adelaide Pty Ltd