Due to COVID-19 physical distancing has been implemented in all courtrooms, reducing the number of people able to be accommodated in the public areas.

Therefore, until further notice, we are unable to accommodate school visits and the booking system is not available.

This notice will be updated as the situation changes.

In keeping with the principle of open justice, the Courts Administration Authority welcomes visits by school groups to observe courts in operation.

School groups wishing to see a court can observe proceedings at the Adelaide Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court.

As the content of some matters can be confronting and distressing, it is recommended that students in Year 6 or below do not view a court in session.

Information for teachers


Bookings are required for school groups to ensure that:

  • your students receive priority access to courtrooms to view proceedings;
  • the Sheriff's Office is aware of the presence of students in court buildings; and
  • disruption to people having business with the court is minimised.

Failure to make a booking may result in your group being delayed entering the court building and not being able to observe court proceedings.

Self-Guided Tours

Teachers are required to conduct self-guided visits for their students. Detailed information on how to conduct your visit is provided in the Self-Guided School Visit Instructions document.

To provide the best opportunity for your students to observe court proceedings, you should:

  • make a booking and bring your confirmation email with you to your visit;
  • read the Self-Guided School Visit instructions and undertake pre-visit preparation; and
  • limit your group to 30 students but be prepared to split them into groups of 15 to observe some of the smaller courtrooms.


Please use the Related Links on the right hand side of this page to:

  • book a suitable time for your visit;
  • obtain a copy of the Self-Guided School Visit Instructions document; and
  • select and print resources from the Information Pack that will assist you to prepare students for their visit and encourage post-visit discussions.

Additional teaching resources are available via the Resources Link on the left-hand side of this page.

Further information

 If you have any questions regarding your visit, please send an email to schoolvisits@courts.sa.gov.au

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