Review all documents and print the resources relevant to your students.  These are provided to assist you to prepare students before for their visit and encourage discussions post visit.

1. SA Court hierarchy 01 SA Court Hierarchy (as at 2014).docx [29KB]
2. The criminal process explained 02. The criminal process explained.docx [39KB]
3. Opening to a jury by a judge 03 Opening to a Jury by a Judge.pdf [108KB]
4. Sentencing discounts 04 Sentencing discounts.docx [19KB]
5. Sentencing remarks - drug trafficking 05 Sentencing remarks - Drug Trafficking.pdf [70KB]
6. Decisions through the lens of a court 06 Decisions through the lens of a court.docx [28KB]
7. Interesting cases from Dr Giancaspro 07 Interesting cases from Dr Giancaspro.docx [18KB]
8. Journey through the courts poster 08 Journey through the courts poster.pdf [209KB]
9. Courts and Australian curriculum 09 Courts and Australian Curriculum.docx [35KB]
10. What's the Story EBook promo 10 What's the Story EBook promo.docx [65KB]