Moral dilemmas:  (Learner activity)

The following situations represent moral dilemmas. In groups discuss and work through the range of solutions, allowing for different points of view.

[Your teacher may make the exercise more complicated by adding new elements or facts for consideration.]

At the end of the activity identify some decision-making principles and who might be the best person to make such a decision.

Situation 1

Phil is catching the bus home from school. As he is getting off, the person in front of him drops a small envelope. Upon closer examination Phil discovers the envelope is a weekly pay packet and contains $380.00.

There is a name on the envelope.
The money is the person’s only source of income.

Discuss Phil’s options.
What would you do?








Situation 2

Casey is travelling home from school on the bus. When getting off she/he notices that Zak, one of the year six students who bullies her/him regularly,drops a small envelope.

Upon closer examination Casey discovers the envelope is the weekly pay packet of the school cleaner and contains $380.00. She/he believes that Zak has probably stolen the money, which is consistent with his reputation.

Discuss Casey’s options.
What would you do? 









Situation 3

Two factories have been built on the banks of the Murray River. Factory A is 100 metres upstream of Factory B.

Both factories produce materials that are important in modern day society.

Factory A produces a lot of waste that finds its way in to the river. Factory B needs pure and clean water to keep producing their product.

What are your feelings about this situation?
Who is responsible for the water quality?
How might this situation be resolved?









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