What makes an effective decision?

Aim: To identify and use a range of decision-making processes.

Day-to-day life is full of situations where we have to make decisions. The sorts of decisions we make vary in importance depending on our own personal situation and whom the decisions might affect.

For learners in groups

  1. In groups discuss the following three questions:

(a) What decisions do you make in a day?

  • How do you make those decisions?
  • What strategies are both helpful and unhelpful in making those decisions?

(b) Consider how decisions can be influenced by other persons such as a:

  • Family member
  • Teacher
  • School Principal

(c) Think of three decisions you can control and three you have no control over.

  • When have you made a choice to hand over a decision to someone else?
  • Why did you make this choice?
  • When has someone made a decision for you?
  • Why?
  1. In groups role-play the range of possible decisions you might make about the following situations:
  • You don’t have a pencil.
  • You haven’t got anyone to play with at recess.
  • You have to choose a small group for a performance.
  • You find a stray dog.
  • You would like to change the school dress code.
  • You would like to plant trees in the community.
  • You need to report some one for an incident while on road crossing duty.

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