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Mock trial scripts for the District Court (Criminal)

R v Dreamer This is a criminal trial before the District Court of South Australia involving the charge of stalking pursuant to the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935. The presence of a jury and narrator is optional. R v Dreamer.docx [48KB] R v Dreamer.pdf [314KB]
R v Hopper This is a criminal trial before the District Court of South Australia involving a charge relating to “home invasion” laws pursuant to the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935. The presence of a jury and narrator is optional. R v Hopper.docx [89KB] R v Hopper.pdf [787KB]

Role Play Magistrates Court hearings

The following are divided into advanced and beginner matters. Examples and teacher information are provided. Teachers and students are encouraged to add enhancements such as character reference statements and medical reports where relevant but need to be mindful that this may lengthen the duration of the matter. They are designed for guilty pleas only.
Sentencing Template Sentencing Template.docx [26KB] Sentencing Template.pdf [10KB]
Brownlow Example Case Brownlow.docx [36KB] Brownlow.pdf [21KB]
Devon Example Case Devon.docx [34KB] Devon.pdf [17KB]

Beginner Matters - Magistrates Court and Youth Court

Arnold - Drive manner dangerous Arnold.docx [45KB] Arnold.pdf [345KB]
Bailey - Assault causing harm BAILEY.docx [42KB] BAILEY.pdf [236KB]
Brown ^ - Drive disqualified Brown.docx [42KB] Brown.pdf [281KB]
Carvill - Manufacture cannabis Carvill.docx [42KB] Carvill.pdf [239KB]
Cawthorne - PCA Red Light Cawthorne.docx [49KB] Cawthorne.pdf [393KB]
Duke - Assault Duke.docx [48KB] Duke.pdf [53KB]
Ford - Theft Ford.docx [55KB] Ford.pdf [39KB]
Howard - DUI PCA Howard.docx [61KB] Howard.pdf [73KB]
Innes - Drive manner dangerous Innes.docx [56KB] Innes.pdf [45KB]
James ^ - Grafitti James.docx [54KB] James.pdf [52KB]
Jasper - PCA Jasper.docx [55KB] Jasper.pdf [131KB]
Kerin - Criminal trespass Kerin.docx [43KB] Kerin.pdf [261KB]
Lane - Illegal use of Motor Vehicle Lane.docx [43KB] Lane.pdf [172KB]
Mattern - Drug Driving Mattern.docx [57KB] Mattern.pdf [49KB]
Noonan - Theft Noonan.docx [54KB] Noonan.pdf [39KB]
Odessa - Drive manner dangerous Odessa.docx [56KB] Odessa.pdf [45KB]
Parker - Receiving Parker.docx [52KB] Parker.pdf [40KB]
Peetra - Theft Peetra.docx [41KB] Peetra.pdf [213KB]
Pham * - Assault Pham.docx [53KB] Pham.pdf [113KB]
Reid - Manner dangerous PCA Reid.docx [58KB] Reid.pdf [69KB]
Rigney * - Disorderly Behaviour Rigney.docx [40KB] Rigney.pdf [120KB]
Sabo - Unlawfully on premises Sabo.docx [52KB] Sabo.pdf [39KB]
Schultz - Criminal Trespass Schultz.docx [44KB] Schultz.pdf [241KB]
Stasinopolous * - Cannabis for sale Stasinopoulos.docx [40KB] Stasinopoulos.pdf [242KB]
Valentino - Drive manner dangerous Valentino.docx [57KB] Valentino.pdf [106KB]
Vartto - Criminal trespass and Theft Vartto.docx [41KB] Vartto.pdf [255KB]
Whyte - Disorderly behaviour and Hinder police Whyte.docx [44KB] Whyte.pdf [252KB]
Xenides - Theft Xenides.docx [52KB] Xenides.pdf [39KB]
Zappia - Theft Zappia.docx [53KB] Zappia.pdf [38KB]
^ denotes Youth Court cases
* denotes culturally specific cases

Advanced Matters - Magistrates Court and Youth Court

Adobi - Obstruct clergyman and Assault clergyman Adobi.docx [44KB] Adobi.pdf [216KB]
Aldrich - Intent to damage property Aldrich.docx [43KB] Aldrich.pdf [274KB]
Boxer - Offensive weapon and Assault Boxer.docx [44KB] Boxer.pdf [215KB]
Collins - No bike helmet and Cannabis equipment Collins.docx [39KB] Collins.pdf [253KB]
Dalton - Hinder resist police and Indecent language Dalton.docx [39KB] Dalton.pdf [261KB]
Danger - Trespass and Assault Danger.docx [44KB] Danger.pdf [298KB]
Dirty - Theft, provide false name and address Dirty.docx [44KB] Dirty.pdf [216KB]
Duffy - DUI PCA Unregistered Duffy.docx [48KB] Duffy.pdf [227KB]
Ferrara - Offensive behaviour Ferrara.docx [43KB] Ferrara.pdf [86KB]
Frampton - Receiving stolen goods / Deception Frampton.docx [45KB] Frampton.pdf [267KB]
Galt - Drug driving Galt.docx [43KB] Galt.pdf [270KB]
Godson - Assault Godson.docx [43KB] Godson.pdf [198KB]
Goers - Disorderly behaviour / Offensive language Goers.docx [44KB] Goers.pdf [145KB]
Jerks - PCA Red light Jerks.docx [46KB] Jerks.pdf [280KB]
Jolley - Offensive language Jolley.docx [42KB] Jolley.pdf [159KB]
Jones Various traffic offences Jones.docx [65KB] Jones.pdf [558KB]
Olaf - Criminal trespass / Illegal use of Motor Vehicle / Drive manner dangerous Olaf.docx [45KB] Olaf.pdf [229KB]
Pedler - Criminal trespass / False statements Pedler.docx [42KB] Pedler.pdf [228KB]
Pett - Assault Pett.docx [43KB] Pett.pdf [214KB]
Tearaway - Cannabis for sale Tearaway.docx [43KB] Tearaway.pdf [243KB]
Warlow - Unregistered / Uninsured / Carry offensive weapon Warlow.docx [43KB] Warlow.pdf [257KB]
West - Unlawful possession West.docx [40KB] West.pdf [170KB]

Mock ERD Court hearing

The following activity can be used to show how a hearing before the Environment Resources and Development Court might proceed where the Court has been asked to determine whether or not a development should proceed and if so, under what conditions.
In conducting this activity it may be useful to refer to the relevant Local Council Development Plan that can provide general information about zoning and other restrictions or requirements. These can be found at http://www.sa.gov.au/developmentplans
Teacher Information Teacher Information.docx [43KB] Teacher Information.pdf [21KB]
Overview Overview.docx [36KB] Overview.pdf [99KB]
Procedure Procedure.docx [45KB] Procedure.pdf [27KB]
Script Script.docx [43KB] Script.pdf [131KB]
Background Background.docx [41KB] Background.pdf [100KB]
MI Chart MI Chart.docx [60KB] MI Chart.pdf [87KB]

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