The following feedback has been received during community consultation forums:


Feedback Provided
  • The new Major Indictable process is less efficient. Difficult to negotiate and keep ownership of files due to the centralisation.
  • DPP very slow in allocating lawyers which results in unnecessary adjournments.
  • AVL is not always practical e.g. for District Court matters.
  • Why can’t committals still be done locally and linked in by AVL.
  • Sometimes using AVLs delay matters and prolong the outcome as when there is in-person it can sometimes be resolved.
  • Public transport in country areas is limited to non-existent.
  • Centralisation has a major impact on clients e.g. costs/travel time.
  • Why not reverse centralisation e.g. have Adelaide come to Berri and other country locations.
  • Services in the country are already disadvantaged.
  • Registry staff cut-back would impact on solicitors e.g not having direct access to the registry and longer response times.
  • Most DCS institutions are very good at organising telephone link-ups and meetings. The exception is the Adelaide Remand Centre (ARC).
  • We reject clients if they are in the ARC as it is too difficult to obtain instructions.
  • No Drug Court Program available in Berri.
  • Few JP services in the area.
  • Must keep Berri, could possibly reduce sitting frequency.


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