The following feedback has been received during community consultation forums:

Feedback Provided
  • Access to justice in local areas gives legitimacy into how courts operate.
  • Any reduction in treatment programs is a concern.
  • Aboriginal Community Court Elizabeth is needed at EMC.
  • Consider more use of adult cautions/expiations. SAPol indicated many people are on bonds so can’t use cautions/expiations in these circumstances.
  • Regional communities need access to justice whether by AVL or by buildings. Not asking for increased services but need some form of justice in the community – it is of paramount importance to these communities.
  • Clerks/registry are under considerable pressure. More would be detrimental. Would limit ability to achieve the savings required.
  • Courts and registries are already stretched to the limit and we can’t be any more creative about resourcing. Already using AVL as much as possible.
  • Suggest more circuits by AVL, and only do in-person for trials.


Provide Feedback

View a summary of feedback of these consultations via the links for each location. If you wish to provide feedback directly, please email community consultations.