The following feedback has been received during community consultation forums:


Feedback Provided
  • Port Adelaide is a hub for Indigenous people. Nunga Court is a huge success. Aboriginal Justice Officers’ (AJO) service is excellent at Port Adelaide.
  • Nunga Court now sits about three times a month. People feel safe at the Nunga Court and they are heard. Port Adelaide is very multi-cultural.
  • Cultural support would likely be lost if Port Adelaide closed.
  • It costs a lot of money for clients to get into the city.
  • The distance between Port Adelaide and the city is an issue. Other agencies such as SAPOL, ALRM would feel the impact.
  • SAPOL struggles to meet 3pm deadline for custodies.
  • Lists may get longer if there are less staff eg. judicial support.
  • It is hard to get instructions at the Adelaide Remand Centre.
  • Section 9A is not being used/accepted by DPP.
  • Family Violence lists are increasing. Need two Sheriff’s Officers in attendance. There has an impact on resources.
  • AVL needs improvement with sound and viewing. Increased bandwidth should increase quality and sound of AVL.


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