The following feedback has been received during community consultation forums:


Feedback Provided
  • Port Lincoln is a regional centre that is extremely isolated from the rest of the state and its supporting infrastructure. Any reduction in capacity within the justice system cannot be taken up by other close by facilities as there are none. To require people who are interacting with the justice system to travel to Adelaide or Whyalla or Port Augusta will create significant burdens and inequalities for those living in the western part of our state.
  • Any further deterioration of your organisation’s capacities in our remote location can create a lack of faith in the justice system as a whole and a deterioration of expectations of that system.
  • Any efficiencies within your organisation should be taken up by the metropolitan areas that will be able to transfer to the next facility with much more ease of operation and access than if the west coast is again stripped of further resourcing.
  • There will be an impact on other agencies if services are moved.
  • If victims had to go to AMC, it would be very expensive and they may not participate. One bad experience with going to AMC, for example, would be known in the community.
  • The cost of sending witnesses to Adelaide would be huge.
  • The youth have to sign family conferencing undertakings. Who would do that if not the court?
  • Regarding family conferencing, there will be security issues if these are done by AVL.
  • Greater court time is needed ‘in person’ rather than via AVL. Bigger screens are needed for AVL.
  • Focusing on a screen is just like a video game; it takes away the seriousness and may encourage more offending.
  • In person help shows them the gravity of the offence. Need to address their emotional problems. Best way is to treat them in prison. Peer pressure is enormous.
  • Parole Board has stopped using AVL and gone back to face-to-face.
  • Even if we have to do AVL, it’s better to see youths in person as it makes it possible to get more information from the family.


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