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When Does CourtSA Launch?

  • Probate - CourtSA launched on 26 November 2018.
  • Civil - CourtSA will launch in the Civil jurisdiction on Monday 27 April 2020.
  • Criminal - 2021.
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How and When Can I Register to Use CourtSA? (UPDATED)

Law Firms and Invididuals can register to use CourtSA from 9am on 26 November 2018 when the system goes live for Probate. Instructional guides for registering a Law Firm and Individual account can be found on the CourtSA Resources page.

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Can CourtSA Be Used by Self-Represented Litigants?

Yes, CourtSA can be used by Self-Represented Litigants.

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Can More Than One Authorised User Be Logged In and Use the Same Account at Once? (NEW)

Yes, multiple Authorised Users can be logged in at the same time to access CourtSA, lodge applications, make payments and perform actions on cases.

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As a Law Firm, Can I Register a Second Email Address to Receive CourtSA Notifications to an Account Other Than the Email Associated with the P Code? (NEW)

At the moment, it is not possible to register a second email address. In such circumstances we suggest creating email rules in your firm so that notifications which are sent to a particular practitioner can be forwarded automatically to your desired recipients.

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Will Resetting the Password Affect the Work of Other Users of a Firm Account? (NEW)

Yes. If you reset the password while someone else is working in CourtSA, all of their work will potentially be lost. All users of the account should be informed before resetting a password so that their work can be completed or saved. All users should log out after they have finished the task they are working on. Once the password is reset, all users should log in using the new password and continue working as normal. If a user tries to log in to the account using the old password, the account may be locked.​

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My Account is Locked. How Can I Get it Unlocked? (NEW)

Accounts are temporarily locked as a security measure to discourage unauthorised access. For example, accounts are locked after 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in. The security measure requires you to wait 6 hours before you can attempt logging into your account again. You can also reset your password​ after waiting the mandatory 6 hours.

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How Secure is CourtSA?

The integrity of the system and confidentiality of data is paramount. The CAA has put in place industry standard cyber security mechanisms to limit potential abuse of the system.

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Do I Have to Pay to Use CourtSA?

You do not have to pay to use CourtSA. There is a fee for lodging court documents.

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Do I Need a Credit Card to Use CourtSA?

Yes, from 26 November 2018 payment of Probate fees will only be accepted by credit card.

CourtSA accepts VISA and MasterCard but not AMEX.

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Do I Need Special Software to Use CourtSA?

To use CourtSA you will require access to a computer, internet, scanner and in some instances a printer. You can use any modern browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Your browser must allow websites to use JavaScript.

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How Does CourtSA Operate With My Practice Management Software?

CourtSA does not integrate with any Practice Management Systems. However you can access and download documents from CourtSA and store them in your Practice Management System.

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What Do I Do If the Internet is Down and I Can't Access CourtSA?

If you need assistance because CourtSA is down or you have lost connectivity to the internet call the CAA Contact Centre.

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What Resources Are Available to Help Me Use CourtSA?

Resources can be found on the CourtSA Resources page.

For probate specific information, including what the forms look like, go the probate Resources page.

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What File Size Can I Upload?

The maximum of each document that can be uploaded is 20MB. The total size of all documents uploaded in this form cannot exceed 200MB.

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What Documents Will CourtSA Accept?

CourtSA will accept standard office application file types such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

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​How Is Identity Verified?

Identity is verified in accordance with the Registrar-General's Verification of Identity Requirements. More information can be found here.

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Are Electronic Documents Considered Originals?

The electronic documents are the original documents. In probate the original grant is the electronic version which can be viewed through CourtSA by anyone. You should not need to provide a certified copy. However, if required, you can download and print copies of the grant from CourtSA and have those copies certified by an authorised person, such as a Justice of the Peace or a lawyer. 

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Can I Save a CourtSA Form in Draft Before I Lodge It?

Yes, you can save CourtSA forms in draft before you lodge them.

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Is There Any Vetting for Incorrectly Uploaded Documents or Spelling Errors?

CourtSA will not reject a lodgement for spelling and grammatical errors nor can it automatically determine if the incorrect document has been uploaded.

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How Do I Lodge an Affidavit and Any Necessary Supporting Documents?

Affidavits, Court orders, letters and other documents to support your application should be scanned and uploaded in the 'Other Affidavit or Documents' or 'Document Details' section at the end of the online form.

Alternatively, you can upload them to your new case after you have submitted your application. Go to the 'My Cases' section of CourtSA to find your existing cases.

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​What Do I Do If I Don't Want to Proceed With an Application I Have Made?

If you do not wish to proceed with an application of any type you may discontinue it at any time before the Court has made a Grant or other final order.

  1. To discontinue, go to My Cases in CourtSA.
  2. Select the relevant case.
  3. One of the activities that you can perform is 'Discontinue'. Click on that button, follow the prompts and click on 'Save and Back'.

You will receive an email advising you that a Notice of Discontinuance has been issued by the Court and is available through the portal. That is your record of the discontinuance. If there is another party to the case, you should serve a copy on that party.

For information about how to withdraw a caveat, click here.

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How Do I Remove My Solicitor and Act in Person?

You will need to request access to the case through My Cases in CourtSA.​​

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Where Can I Find More Information About Probate and CourtSA?

You can find more information about Probate and CourtSA here.

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