A minor civil action is not supposed to be technical and full of legal words, but here are a few definitions of words that you may come across in a minor civil case.

Title Description
Case list A daily list of matters for hearing. Each matter will be listed on the case list next to the number of the courtroom so that you know where you are supposed to be. Case lists are sometimes still called by their old name of “cause lists”.
  1. (civil) the other party against whom civil proceedings are brought against them;
  2. (criminal) a person charged with a criminal offence in a lower court;
Directions hearing
A hearing before a trial to encourage the parties to settle and/or reduce the amount of points that the parties are arguing about. Both parties will be able to set out what they can agree on and what they won’t agree to.
Discovery (before a hearing or trial) the production by one party, at the request of the other, of a list all documents currently or formerly in the party’s possession relating to the case.
Magistrate A judicial officer presiding over a court of the lowest tier (ie with summary criminal jurisdiction and a limited civil jurisdiction). They are addressed as ‘Your Honour’ or Sir/Madam. Magistrates don’t usually wear robes and wigs as they do in some of the other courts.
Matter In Australian constitutional law, a question involving the conflicting claims of specific parties, to be settled by the determination of the court. Case, or parts of a case.
Plaintiff A person who brings a civil action.

Individual physical locations of business offices of the Courts Administration Authority throughout South Australia eg Port Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Elizabeth, Adelaide.

The business office of the court where you go to file your claim, defence and any other documents. The registry will inform you when the court will hear your matter and they will also be able to help you with any questions you have about the court process.