The following list of terms are referenced in the schools resource - Courts Challenge.

Title Description

Level of responsibility for an action

Accused A person charged with an offence; the defendant in criminal proceedings.
Adjourn To suspend or postpone, especially a meeting or hearing to a future date.
choice or selection by an individual or panel (for
example, a judge)
Beyond reasonable doubt
Standard of proof required in a criminal case (where facts proven establish the guilt of a person)
  1. a formal undertaking, such as a contract under seal, which binds a person to pay a sum of money in default of fulfilling some condition or acknowledges the existence of a debt;
  2. an instrument of indebtedness generally issued by a government or by semi government bodies/ Bonds issued by companies are call debentures;
  3. an undertaking by an offender to be of good behaviour for a certain period.
Usually an amount of money to cover the loss the
person has suffered
Conviction A finding that an accused is guilty of the crime charged.
A form of government where the sovereign power rests with its citizens directly or indirectly through representation
A brief or bundle of papers
Choice or selection by electors or voters
Evidence Data tending to support or prove a fact at issue in judicial proceedings.
Freedom from control by an outside influence (for example, judges should be independent of the influence of the government when deciding cases)
Another term for stealing or theft
Not favouring any side
Recovery in value for damage caused (usually the payment of money for replacement or repair)
Suspended sentence A sentence pronounced but not carried into effect, as long as the offender does not offend again within a given period.
Time of holding (for example, a position or title)
One who tells what she or he has seen, heard or otherwise observed


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