​The Kadina Magistrates Court is a circuit court and only open on circuit sitting days.  This court provides access to the following courts/services:

  • Magistrates Court
  • Youth Court
  • Residential Tenancies Tribunal (Visiting Court)

Other services also operating from this building (registry) include:

  • Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (Monday or Tuesday of the Court Circuit week if required)
  • Correctional Services (Monday only)
  • Court Companion (as requested by prosecution)
  • Aboriginal Justice Officers  (as required when court is sitting)


Transport Information


If a Taxi is required, one should be phoned.


On-street parking is available.

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Local Amenities

Public toilets are located off the waiting room..

The court includes a number of facilities for people with disabilities including:

  • An access ramp is located on the northern side of the building
  • Accessible toilets are located off the witness waiting area

Limited private rooms are available. Please see the registry staff if a room is required.


There is a delicatessen within 2 minutes walk from the court

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Image of the Kadina courthouse

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Contact Us

For further information, contact the Kadina Magistrates Court:
On sitting days only
p: +61 8 8821 2626
f:  +61 8 8821 3114
Otherwise contact the Port Pirie Magistrates Court
58 Graves Street
Kadina, South Australia, 5554

Opening Hours

Only open on Court Circuit days