Court Preparation

The summons may include a list of documents that you need to take with you to court.


If you need the help of an interpreter to give evidence in court, tell the person who asked you to be a witness.  They will inform the court that you need an interpreter and what language you speak.  The court will then arrange for an interpreter to be present.

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 Disabled Access / Other Special Needs

Courts in South Australia are able to accommodate access and other special needs (for example, hearing or visually impaired) of witnesses who are required to appear in court.
For further information or assistance go to the Court Locations page or contact the relevant Court Registry.

Compensation / Expenses

If you are a witness for a party in a civil trial, it is up to the party calling you to cover your expenses. If they win their case, they may be able to claim witness expenses as part of the costs of the trial.  The court has a cost scale which is a guide to fair witness fees.  This scale sets the amount the winning party can claim for the attendance of each witness. The amounts vary according to the size of the plaintiff’s original claim.

Spouse or close relative as a witness

Close relatives (i.e. spouse, parent or child) are both competent (able) and compellable (can be made to) give evidence on behalf of any party.


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