How to navigate

The Home page provides a number of navigation options, you can:

  • use the left hand quick links to access to most popular content
  • click on a specific topic
  • use the sitemap

On every page

Primary Navigation 

You will see a primary navigation menu with 7 primary topics:

  • Our Courts
  • Going to Court
  • Represent Yourself
  • For Jurors
  • For Lawyers
  • For Media
  • Community

Each of these include a secondary drop down providing quick access to specific areas. This can be seen here:

Image of the primary navigation elements on each page.

Secondary navigation

Image of secondary navigation
Content pages include secondary navigation on the left side which provides easy access to additions content related to the same topic. 

While the right hand side provides context specific access to additional content, including information about:

  • Forms and Fees
  • Related Link
  • Contact information
  • Opening hours

Tertiary navigation

The top of every page includes a tertiary navigation bar which allows you to:tertiary nagiation.jpg

  • access the home page
  • skip down to the page content
  • see Frequently Asked Questions
  • access the glossary
  • access this help
  • Contact us
  • perform a site search


When you're viewing a page, you will also see a breadcrumb, that shows you where you are in the site. Each part of the breadcrumb is a link so you can use it to retrace your steps back to the home page. 

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Finding information

This site includes a  powerful search engine which will allow you to quickly find the content you are after.  The Search bar is available in the top right corner of every page, simple enter your search term and a results screen will be provided.

You can filter search results my page type (web page, word document, Adobe PDF, etc) as well as limit your results according to when the content was last updated.

Searching across tables 

A number of pages include tables of information. Some of these can also be search in real-time by simply entering data into the search box at the top of the table.

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