Judgments published here are from the Supreme Court of South Australia, the District Court of South Australia and the Environment, Resources and Development Court of South Australia.  The State Courts Administration Council has decided to publish these decisions so that members of the public will have access to the judicial officers' complete reasons for decision.

In most cases, judgments will be published to the site within a day or two of being handed down.  Judgments will remain on the site for two months.  Following that, judgments can be found on the AustLII website.  AustLII contains judgments of the Supreme Court dating back to 1989, the District Court dating back to 1997 and the Environment, Resources and Development Court  dating back to 1996.

Assistance with locating judgments not available from AustLII or the Courts' website can be obtained from the CAA Library Service on +61 8 8204 0488 or at pmcourtlibraries@courts.sa.gov.au.

Judgments are sometimes edited to take account of suppression orders, or if the general publication of them is likely to have an adverse impact on victims, witnesses and others connected with the proceedings.  A judge may decline to release a judgment for publication on the web site if the judge believes it is not possible to edit the judgment appropriately while retaining meaning.

DISCLAIMER - Every effort has been made to comply with suppression orders or statutory provisions prohibiting publication that may apply to these judgments.  The onus remains on any person using material in a judgment to ensure that the intended use of that material does not breach any such order or provision.  Further enquiries may be directed to the Registry of the Court in which the judgment was generated.