Information services

The CAA Library Service provides information services to judicial officers, the legal profession and the general public.

Our Reference Desk team is available Monday – Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm to assist users in-person, by phone or email.

Assistance with legal research

Our experienced librarians are available to assist you with locating information sources and undertaking research.

Contact the Reference Desk staff if you require assistance with:

  • Identifying and locating information sources
  • Developing online research strategies
  • Using print and online sources

While we provide general research assistance, we are not a legal advisory service.

Photocopying & printing

Photocopiers are available for public use on level 2 for copying library material.  Contact the Reference Desk staff for assistance with photocopying/printing.


The library is not a lending library and only loans material for use in court in the Adelaide CBD.

Legal practitioners may borrow books for use in court.  Loans are for one day and books need to be returned to the library at the conclusion of the hearing.

Self-represented litigants may borrow material for use in court with the permission of the Library Manager, CAA Library Service.

General public may use the Supreme Court  Library for research purposes but may not borrow library materials.

Document delivery

The library provides a document delivery service for other libraries, law firms and legal practitioners located outside the Adelaide CBD.  Document delivery requests are made via telephone or email.

The fees for document delivery services are based on the service turnaround time.

  • 2 hours - $49.50 per item
  • 24 hours - $33.00 per item
  • 4 working days - $16.50 per item

 * Per item up to 50 pages, plus $4.40 for each additional 50 pages and delivery charges.

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COVID-19 update

The Supreme Court Library is reopening on Monday 15 June for legal practitioners and the public with current proceedings before the court.  Access is by appointment from 10.00am - 4.00pm.  Please email the library to book an appointment.
The library will continue to assist users with requests received by email or telephone. 
Tel: 8204 0488