The Courts Administration Authority (CAA or the Authority) values the feedback that complaints provide, and uses relevant information from complaints to improve our service.

The Authority will:

  • Attempt to resolve complaints in the first instance
  • Undertake to respond to complaints in a timely manner
  • Analyse all complaints to help identify and improve service shortcomings

If your complaint is primarily focussed on the procurement and contracting of goods and services by the CAA, please contact the Senior Procurement Officer.

When Is The Best Time To Complain?

The best time to complain is when you are first dissatisfied as your matter may be able to be resolved without unnecessary fuss and inconvenience.

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Are there situations where the Authority cannot help?

Judicial Decisions

The Authority cannot resolve complaints about judicial decisions. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your case, or believe the judgement was wrong, you may have a right of appeal. If you believe you may have such a right, or would like information about your possible rights, you should seek legal advice immediately.

Legal Practitioners

All complaints about legal practitioners must be taken up with the Legal Practitioners Conduct Board.

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How do I make a Complaint?

Complaints Made In Person Or Over The Phone

Our staff will listen to your problems and attempt to fix it quickly, if they cannot, they will find someone who can help you. They will write down the details of your complaint on a form that will help us to know what your problem was.

While your complaint is being dealt with, our staff will let you know about the progress and final outcome of your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the results from calling us or telling us in person, you may wish to make your complaint in writing.

Complaints in Writing

You can write a complaint to the Manager of the area you want to complain about.  Find these addresses on our website under “Court Locations”.

You need to include details such as your current address, contact details and why you were at court.

It helps us if you can tell us clearly the nature of your complaint (e.g. wrong information given, left unattended, rudeness etc) and, if possible, the date and name of the staff member involved.

If the Manager’s response does not satisfy you, you can write to the State Courts Administrator who will look into it further.  The address to write to is:

State Courts Administrator
Courts Administration Authority
GPO Box 1068
Adelaide SA 5001

E-mail Complaints

Complaints may also be lodged by email ( Receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged by e-mail but a formal response will be given by post. Please provide the same details as requested in "Written Complaints" above to assist in our enquiry.

Anonymous Complaints

While anonymous complaints will be recorded in our complaints system they will not be investigated unless accompanied by supporting documentation and contact details that provide sufficient information for the preparation of an appropriate response.

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How will my Complaint be dealt with?

If our staff are unable to resolve a verbal complaint immediately they will fill out a complaints form. These complaints will now be treated in the same manner as a written or e-mail complaint.

The Authority will acknowledge receipt of complaints within 3-5 working days. The area concerned with your complaint will take steps to resolve it and let you know the outcome within 21 days. If complaint cannot be resolved within 21 days you will be contacted and provided with an estimated date for the outcome.

Staff that were not involved in the matter leading to your complaint will deal with your complaint.

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Can the initial outcome of my Complaint be reviewed?

If you are unhappy with the way your complaint was dealt with you can ask for it to be reviewed. In general, a staff member of a higher level will review your complaint and the action taken to date, to determine if it was handled fairly and that reasonable steps were taken to try to resolve the issue. The Authority will endeavour to have a response to you within 21 days.

If you do not receive the outcome you sought it does not necessarily mean your complaint was not handled properly. The Authority will treat you fairly and provide reasons for the outcome of your complaint

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