The Chief Judge is the principal judicial officer and is responsible for its administration. District Court Judges preside over all divisions of the Court. Masters conduct hearings in the Civil, Criminal Injuries and Administrative and Disciplinary Divisions.

Chief Judge of the District Court

Display Name
His Honour Chief Judge Michael Evans

 Judges of the District Court


Display Name
His Honour Judge Michael Boylan
His Honour Judge Wayne Chivell
His Honour Judge Stephen McEwen
His Honour Judge Rauf Soulio
Her Honour Judge Julie McIntyre
His Honour Judge Paul Cuthbertson
His Honour Judge Simon Stretton
Her Honour Judge Geraldine Davison
His Honour Judge Paul Muscat
His Honour Judge Paul Slattery
Her Honour Judge Joanne Tracey
Her Honour Judge Sophie David
Her Honour Judge Jane Schammer
Her Honour Judge Liesl Chapman
His Honour Judge Patrick O'Sullivan
His Honour Judge Michael Durrant
Her Honour Judge Jo-Anne Deuter
Her Honour Judge Joana Fuller
His Honour Judge Ian Press
His Honour Judge Michael Burnett
His Honour Judge Adam Kimber

Masters of the District Court

Display Name
Master Mark Blumberg
Master Elizabeth Olsson


All judges hear civil and criminal matters in Adelaide and at circuit locations.


Judges regularly participate in education workshops and seminars. Topics include Aboriginal cross-cultural awareness training, mental impairment and judicial ethics.

Judges are involved in performance management of judicial support staff and contribute to the development of these staff by providing feedback on performance and skills development needs. One judge also assists in overseeing associates in their role of providing legal research and other services to the judges

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