The Environment, Resources and Development Court of South Australia (ERD Court) commenced operation on 15 January 1994.

Its establishment was one of the recommendations of a Government review in 1990 -1992 of the State's planning and development system (the Planning Review).  The Court was established by the Environment, Resources and Development Court Act 1993.

The court's predecessor in relation to planning appeals was the Planning Appeal Tribunal and prior to that the Planning Appeal Board.  Some other matters now within the jurisdiction of the court had previously been heard by the District Court, or an appeal body comprising a judge of that court.

The Final Report of the Planning Review envisaged the proposed court as a "new, integrated system of dispute resolution", and "the primary forum for all matters involving the development and management of land", with its jurisdiction being enlarged to deal with matters affecting the environment.

Initially the court had jurisdiction under the Development Act 1993 and the Heritage Places Act 1993.  Other jurisdictions in the "environment" and "resources" categories were added by subsequent legislation.

The Logo

ERD logo_leaf.jpg

    The leaf represents the environment.

ERD logo_droplet.jpg

    The water drop represents resources.

ERD logo_city_map.jpg

      Colonel William Light's 1836 plan for Adelaide represents development. This plan is a well-known international symbol of South Australia among urban and regional planners.