Intervention Orders Application - STOP the violence shows how to obtain an intervention order in South Australia.

It is a guide and does not cover all contingencies. However, by following the stories of Tracey, Carol and Tom viewers can see the steps taken by individuals, the police and the courts to better protect and empower victims of abuse.

The video is for anyone who wants to know about intervention orders.

Information about going to court and intervention programs is also available on the Courts Administration Authority website

The video is also available for viewing on the Courts Administration Authority channel on You Tube


Video information

For information about DVD copies, please contact CAA Intervention Programs on (08) 8204 8815.

Duration: 18 minutes 10 seconds

Produced by: the Courts Administration Authority, with funding assistance from the Attorney-General’s Department of the South Australian Government

©SA Courts Administration Authority
October 2012

Screenplay by: Dr Andrew Cannon AM Deputy Chief Magistrate and Sylvia Kriven, Media and Communications Manager Courts Administration Authority

Direction by: Lesley Johns, Precis Media
Camera and post production work by: Steve Leicester and John Bridges

Actors: Alison Thomas, Fiona Lardner

CAA actors: MagistrateJay McGrath, Yasmine Weatherall, Kathryn Fry, Tania Balacco, Gayle Tourish, Stephen Brady, Darren McRae, Christopher Newbury.

Production Supervisor: Sue King, Manager Intervention Programs Courts Administration Authority.