Aboriginal Justice Officers (AJOs) are employed within the Courts Administration Authority (CAA), Magistrates Courts Division in South Australia.

The AJOs were first appointed with the CAA in 1998 as part of the new fines enforcement legislation.  

There are currently 6 AJOs and 2 Youth Aboriginal Justice Officers located at five different court locations:

The role of the AJO is to assist Aboriginal court users with any court enquiry regarding criminal court, civil matters and fines payment information. In addition, the AJOs support the operation of Aboriginal Sentencing Courts and Conferences.

AJOs contribute to the Aboriginal community's understanding of how courts operate and the criminal justice system generally. Through attendance at expos, forums, open days and community meetings Aboriginal Justice Officers give information and advice on court procedures and practices, build the courts' relationships with Aboriginal communities and groups, and provide a culturally friendly link between the Aboriginal community and the court.

The AJO role also includes providing advice to Judicial Officers and staff about Aboriginal culture, Aboriginal communities and service providers. AJOs recruit and train Aboriginal Elders and Respected Persons for participation in Aboriginal Sentencing Courts and Conferences.

The AJOs provide a service to the following courts in metropolitan, regional and remote areas on a regular basis:

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