The Magistrates Court handles both general and minor civil claims

General civil claims

The court may hear claims of up to $100,000.  Higher amounts are dealt with by the Supreme and District Courts.

See the Civil Claims section for further information.

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Minor civil claims

Here, matters are dealt with less formality and parties are not entitled to legal representation except in special circumstances. This court deals with small claims, which include recovering debts of up to $12,000 and minor neighbourhood and fencing disputes.

See the Civil Claims section for further information.

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Consumer and Business claims

The court may hear disputes over warranty claims concerning second-hand motor vehicles, disputes between landlords and tenants involving shop premises and disputes about domestic buildings.

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Civil court registry

At the Magistrates Court Civil Registry, documents are lodged in civil cases, such as car accident claims and minor claims. Listings information is also available, and information on how to begin a minor claim.

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