The Supreme Court of South Australia is the superior court of the State and is a court of both law and equity. It deals with the more important civil cases and the most serious criminal matters.

In its appellate jurisdiction, the Supreme Court reviews and determines errors which may have occurred in other courts of the State and interprets and expounds the law for the guidance of other courts.

The Supreme Court is on the corner of Gouger and King William Streets, Adelaide. The Supreme Court buildings house judges' chambers, the Court Library Service, the Probate Registry, and various civil court rooms. However, as there are no holding cells in these buildings, most criminal cases are now held in the Sir Samuel Way Building.  The court, constituted by a judge, conducts circuit sessions in both Mount Gambier and Port Augusta, several times a year.

The Supreme Court civil and criminal registries are located in the Sir Samuel Way Building at 241- 259 Victoria Square, Adelaide.

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Supreme Court of South Australia Registrar's Office
Postal address:
1 Gouger Street
Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
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Supreme Court Civil and Criminal Registry
Postal address:
Lower Ground Floor
Sir Samuel Way Building
241- 259 Victoria Square
Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Civil Enquiries:
p: + 61 8 8204 0289
f: +61 8 8115 1357
Criminal enquiries:
p: +61 8 8204 2444
f: +61 8 8124 4642

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