​The Civil (General Claims) Division of the Magistrates Court deals with claims of up to $100,000. The types of claims that will be dealt with by this court includes contractual disputes, debt and personal injury.

Legal assistance

It is advisable that you seek legal advice but it is by no means essential. If you can’t afford a lawyer, there are some options for you to get some free legal advice (see legal aid).

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Registry Online User Manual

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Further information

If you have not been involved in a court process before, it is likely you will get confused at some stage. Don’t feel embarrassed if you are not sure what is going on or what you should be doing. You can always contact the court registry for procedural assistance but note they cannot give you legal advice or opinions.

You can also contact the Magistrates Court call centre on +61 8 8204 2444 or email them at: enquiry@courts.sa.gov.au. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know what to do next, as it will make the process quicker and easier if you can ensure all the proper steps have been followed.

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