Panel of Private Qualified Mediators (Magistrates Court)

Rule 72 of the Magistrates Court (Civil) Rules 2013

In accordance with Rule 72, the panel of private qualified mediators listed below is maintained by the Principal Registrar to conduct mediations referred by the Magistrates Court of South Australia: 

Alison James
Ben Whittaker
Bevan Bates
Beverly Clark
Christopher Swan
Claire O'Connor SC
Colin Fullerton
David Jenkin
Deborah Black
Erica Panagakos
Franca Petrone
Frederick Brohier
George Stathopoulos
Gregory Rooney
Ian Nosworthy
Ippei Okazaki
John Irving
Margaret Castles
Maureen Inglis
Paul Bartley
Penelope McCann
Peter Kassapidis
Rene Earles
Stephen Dickinson
Steve Georgiadis


The mediators listed above are accredited in accordance with the National Mediation Accreditation Standards by a Recognised Mediation Accreditation Body.
For further information and to make arrangements for mediation, pursuant to Rule 72, please contact the Mediation Unit by telephone on 8204 0668 or email at