A directions hearing is a brief hearing in front of a judge or commissioner.  It is a chance for the judge or commissioner to discuss the progress of the appeal and give ‘directions’ to the parties.

Matters requiring a directions hearing

Not every matter in the ERD Court has a direction hearing.  They are only scheduled if they are considered necessary.

They are often used:

  • to set a date for hearing (if one has not already been set).
  • to give ‘directions’ to the parties about the things that need to be done to get ready for the hearing.

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Items to bring to the directions hearing

You should bring a pen and paper so that you can make notes.

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Location of the directions hearing

Direction hearings are usually held in Adelaide, in a court room on the 5th level, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square. They may also be held via telephone link.

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Duration of the directions hearing

You can expect a directions hearing to be brief.  They very rarely take more than half an hour and are more commonly over in about 10 to 15 minutes.

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Court protocols at a directions hearing

A directions hearing is usually held in a court room in front of a judge or commissioner.  While it is a brief hearing it is a formal one.  See Court Behaviour for further information.

Directions hearings are recorded on transcript. The parties to a matter can request a copy of the transcript however the appropriate fee is required prior to the transcript being provided. See Court Fees for further information.

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Forms, Fees and Rules

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