​Once the appeal form and filing fee have been received by the Court, the Court will schedule a preliminary conference, usually about four weeks from lodgement.

The purpose of the preliminary conference

The preliminary conference enables the Court to check the status of the matter and give directions as to how the matter will proceed through the Court. It gives the Court an opportunity to make contact with all parties and check that all relevant documentation has been filed and the parties understand the issues in the matter.

At the preliminary conference, after hearing from the parties, the Court will direct the matter into one of three tracks: conference, hearing or pending.

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Documents required for the preliminary conference

Prior to the preliminary conference the authority / council is required to lodge with the Court and provide to each party a book of documents. This book of documents should include the following (where available):

  1. A statement of the issues in dispute
  2. The Decision Notification Form and reasons for decision
  3. The application documents (including plans and any amended plans)
  4. Any representations received in respect of a Category 2 and Category 3 application
  5. Any reports which were considered in the application process
  6. The minutes of any meeting at which the application was considered

This book of documents (called Authority's Documents) should be forwarded to the Court and the parties within five business days of notification of a preliminary conference.

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Duration of the preliminary conference

Preliminary conferences will be allocated a 10 minute timeslot. It is not expected that the merits of the appeal will be discussed in detail - it is a preliminary hearing only to determine how the appeal will proceed.

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Date of the preliminary conference

The preliminary conference usually happens three to four weeks after the appeal is lodged.  Country conferences can take a little longer to organise.  They are usually held four to five weeks after the appeal is lodged. 

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Location of the preliminary conference

All preliminary conferences are held in Adelaide, at the 5th level, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square. If you live in the country the Court can contact you by telephone link for the conference.

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Forms, Fees and Rules

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