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On 26 November 2018 Probate was the first jurisdiction in South Australia to transition to CourtSA. Now all probate lodgments must be made electronically using CourtSA.

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What is Probate or Letters of Administration?

A grant of probate or letters of administration gives a person the legal right to administer the estate of a deceased person. The term “grant” is used to describe whatever type of grant is issued.

When you apply for a grant the Court decides what constitutes the last Will of the deceased person and who can administer the estate. A grant is a legal document that certifies that a Will is valid and can be acted upon. Letters of administration are issued in certain circumstances including where the deceased has left no valid Will. The grant is proof that the person named in it is entitled to collect and distribute the estate.

Visit our page about Grants of Probate and Administration of Deceased Estates for more information, and to find out when probate or administration may be required. 

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What Does the Probate Registry Do?

The Supreme Court of South Australia has exclusive jurisdiction in this State to make orders in relation to the:

  • validity of Wills of deceased persons;
  • appointment of an executor or administrator of a deceased estate; and
  • administration of deceased estates.

The Probate Registry deals with applications for grants of probate and administration and other related matters. The Probate Registry keeps a register of all grants issued by the Court.

The Probate Registry can give you general information about making an application for probate or administration, but cannot give you legal advice or advise you on how to administer an estate.

We can help you with general information on:

For more information on your legal rights, responsibilities and options we encourage you to talk to a lawyer to obtain specific advice regarding your situation.

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Probate Information for Legal Practitioners

We also have a section on information for legal practitioners on probate matters including information about:

  • Acts, Rules and Forms
  • Guidance on complex and unusual applications

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Information about CourtSA

Acts, Rules, Fees and Forms

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