​The following shows all Sentencing Remarks from the Supreme Court. A complete list from all courts is available on the  Sentencing Remarks page.

Person Date Charge
BELL, Donald Thomas 8/04/2014 aggravated recklessly causing serious harm.
BRIDGLAND, Jason Graham 28/03/2014 manslaughter; breach of bond.
C, SN 27/03/2014 criminal neglect.
KREUTZER, Horst 25/03/2014 possessing a controlled drug for supply.
LOGAN, Russell James 1/04/2014 attempted murder.
McPARTLAND, Benjamin Robert 2/04/2014 manslaughter.
MURCH, Brett Matthew 1/04/2014 attempted murder.
N-T, BD 27/03/2014 criminal neglect.
POLKINGHORNE, Ashlee Jean 2/04/2014 manslaughter.
ROWNTREE, Zarathustra Arthur 24/03/2014 cultivating a commercial quantity of a controlled drug for sale; possessing prescribed equipment.