Jurors (except state government employees) are paid $20 for each day of attendance however long or short the attendance is each day. In addition, a travelling allowance of 81 cents per kilometre is paid and calculated from the juror's residence to the court and return for each day's attendance. These amounts are paid by cheque automatically to jurors each fortnight. 

If a juror suffers a monetary loss or incurs expenditure as a direct result of jury service (for example lost wages, employing a person to cover their absence at work if self employed or the cost of child care outside of usual arrangements that may already exist) they can claim the actual amount to a maximum of $148 on top of the $20 payment for each day's attendance. Claims for these payments must be substantiated. To obtain a form, please visit the claim forms page or contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Government Employees

If employed as a State Government employee, jurors will only be paid the travelling allowance of 81 cents per kilometre calculated from the juror's residence to the court and return for each day's attendance. The State Government department will continue to pay the juror their normal wage and an application for special leave with pay will need to be submitted to their respective chief executive officer (refer to Commissioner's Standard 3.4 - Leave). The Sheriff's Office has a form that the juror will need to complete in order for the payment of the travel allowance only and the provision of a certificate of attendance at the completion of jury service that will be required by their department.
Commonwealth and Local Government employees must liaise directly with their employer in relation to the payment of wages while on jury service as various arrangements apply for different agencies.

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