These compilations provide access to all Rules, Supplementary Rules and Forms. The compilations have been prepared by Court staff but DO NOT constitute an official publication thereof. For an official version, reference should be made to the Rules, Supplementary Rules and subsequent amendments as gazetted.


Current actions (rules)

Current actions (forms)

Form 2AD – Originating Application
Form 5G Originating Appeal
Form 12 Affidavit
Form 14 Exhibit to Affidavit
Form 23 Notice of Acting
Form 47 Notice of Summons (ERD Court)
Form 59 Notice of Interest
Form 77 Interlocutory Application
Form 77I Interlocutory Application to be joined
Form 79 Draft Order
Form 84D Draft Summons
Form 105G Subpoena to Attend to Give Evidence (ERD Court)
Form 106G Subpoena to Produce Documents (ERD Court)
Form 107G Subpoena to Attend and Produce (ERD Court)
Form 125 Notice of Discontinuance
Form 181B Notice of Appeal
Form 184B Notice of Cross Appeal
Form 4 Draft Revised Information Lower Courts
Form 13 Statutory Declaration
Form 1N Claim – Native Title Compensation (ERD)
Form 25 Notice of Change of Address for Service
Form 2AH Originating Application – Native Title Declaration Claimant Application (ERD)
Form 2AI Originating Application – Native Title Declaration Non-Claimant Application (ERD)
Form 2AJ Originating Application – Summary Determination Authorising Operations on Native Title Land
Form 2AK Originating Application – Native Title Determination (ERD Court)
Form 77N Interlocutory Application – Native Title (ERD)
Form 77O Schedule to Interlocutory Application – Native Title (ERD)

Earlier actions (rules)

ERD Court Native Title Rules