(as at 1 July 2021) - Pursuant to Reg. 5 Environment, Resources and Development (Native Title) Regulations 1995
1Applications or notices commencing proceedings
On filing or lodging an application or initiating an appeal commencing proceedings involving a native title question other than a request for mediation$780.00​
  • (a) an application for registration of a claim to native title in land
  • (b) an application for a native title declaration
  • (c) an application for variation or revocation of a native title declaration
  • (d) an application for a summary determination authorising mining operations on native title land (including under the expedited procedure)
  • (e) an appeal against a decision of the Minister to prohibit registration of a native title mining agreement
  • (f) an application for a determination of the Court made under an Act authorising a person to enter native title land and carry out operations on the land or to acquire native title land
  • (g) an application for review of compensation provisions of determination following native title declaration
2Other applications
On filing or lodging any other application in proceedings involving a native title question$54.00
3Inspection and copies of evidentiary material
  • (a) for each request to inspect material under section 47(1) of the Act
  • (b) for a copy of a transcript of evidence, documentary material admitted into evidence, or a decision or order of the Court supplied under section 47(3) of the Act—
    • (i) per A4 page (or smaller) in electronic form
    • (ii) per A4 page (or smaller) in hard copy form
    • (iii) per page that is greater in size than A4 in electronic form
    • (iv) per page that is greater in size than A4 in hard copy form
$11.30 or the actual cost of copying (whichever is greater)
  • (c) for a copy of any other document for which a fee has not been charged under paragraph (b)—per page
A party to proceedings is entitled to 1 copy of any decision or order given or made by the Court without charge.
4Opening Registry after hours
For opening a Registry, or a Registry remaining open, after hours for urgent execution of process—for each hour or part of an hour$141.00

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