A directions hearing is a brief hearing in front of a judge or commissioner.  It is a chance for the judge or commissioner to discuss the progress of the appeal and give ‘directions’ to the parties.  View Civil Directions Hearings for non ERD matters.

Not every matter in the ERD Court has a direction hearing.  They are only scheduled if they are considered necessary.

They are often used:

  • to set a date for hearing (if one has not already been set).
  • to give ‘directions’ to the parties about the things that need to be done to get ready for the hearing.

You should bring a pen and paper so that you can make notes.

All directions hearings are held in Adelaide, at the 5th level, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square.  However, if you would like to attend by telephone link you must notify the Court in writing at least two clear business days prior to the directions hearing and advise the Court of the telephone number you can be contacted on.

You can expect a directions hearing to be brief.  They very rarely take more than half an hour and are more commonly over in about 10 to 15 minutes.

A directions hearing is usually held in a court room in front of a judge or commissioner.  While it is a brief hearing it is a formal one.  See court behaviour for further information.

Directions hearings are recorded on transcript. The parties to a matter can request a copy of the transcript however the appropriate fee is required prior to the transcript being provided. See court fees for further information.