Anyone summonsed for Jury service, must attend in accordance with their summons, unless they are ineligible or disqualified under the Juries act.

However, you may apply to the Sheriff to be excused for matters of special urgency or importance or you may apply to have your service deferred to a more appropriate time.

Any applications must be made on an application form as soon as possible after receipt of the jury summons. If you have any queries that are not answered in the information provided with your summons, please contact the Sheriff’s Office. All applications are considered on their individual merit.

In some circumstances, the Sheriff may require applications to be made in the form of a statutory declaration.

For your convenience application to defer or be excused from jury service may be lodged online via the Juror Registration Website. Alternatively you may download, print, complete and post the application form below.

Application to defer or be excused from jury service.pdfDownload