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Cisco Webex Meetings Guide for Court Hearings

COVID-19 has impacted the way Courts can provide services.

To ensure court hearings continue to take place in accordance with social distancing requirements, the Courts Administration Authority is introducing virtual court hearings via Cisco Webex Meetings.

Cisco Webex Meetings is an audio and visual cloud solution that had been introduced across multiple jurisdictions to support existing court procedures and technologies. It will enable Judicial Officers, staff, legal practitioners and other parties to conduct and attend court hearings virtually, thereby reducing the need to physically attend court.

The CAA has developed the following resources to guide court users on how to use Webex Meetings to attend court hearings:

For questions about Webex Meetings for court hearings, please email CourtSA Registry Services

General information about Cisco Webex Meetings can be found on their website:

1. Set up before you join a Webex Hearing.pdfDownload 
2. Webex Hearing Protocols.pdfDownload 
3. Join a Webex Hearing - Meeting Request.pdfDownload 
4. Navigate the Webex Meeting screen.pdfDownload 
5. Troubleshooting hints and tips.pdfDownload