(as at 1/7/2023)

1On commencement of proceedings for summary applications, summary offences, minor indictable offences or indictable offences$318.00 plus if the information alleges more than 1 offence—$57.50
2For each request to search and/or inspect a record of the Court$28.00
3For an unsealed copy of the record of the Court$28.00
4For a sealed copy of the record of the Court$88.00

No fee is payable under clauses 2, 3 or 4 for a request made in respect of a record relating to criminal proceedings by or on behalf of the defendant or the victim of the offence that is the subject of those proceedings.

5For copy of evidence—
      (a)      per page in electronic form$9.50
      (b)      per page in hard‑copy form$12.10
6For copy of reasons for judgment—per page


1 copy will be supplied to a party to the proceeding free of charge.

7For copy of any other document—per page$5.65
8For production of transcript at request of a party where the Court does not require the transcript—per page$19.10