The Home page provides a number of navigation options, you can:

scroll down and use the quick links to access to most popular content (eg court decisions)

•click on a specific topic

On every page

Primary Navigation

You will see a primary navigation menu across the site listing primary topics:

  • Case lists
  • Court decisions
  • Online services
  • Civil cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Rules, forms & fees
  • Going to court
  • Law & practice

Several of these include a secondary drop down providing quick access to specific areas.

Tertiary navigation

The top of every page includes a tertiary navigation bar.


When you’re viewing a page, you will also see a breadcrumb (above the content area), that shows you where you are in the site. Each part of the breadcrumb is a link so you can use it to retrace your steps back to the home page.

This site includes a powerful search engine which will allow you to quickly find the content you are after. The Search bar is available in the top right corner of every page, to see more rows enter your search term and a results screen will be provided.

A number of pages include tables of information. Some of these can also be searched in real-time by simply entering data into the search box at the top of the table. Large tables are often limited to a subset of results; paging options will be presented below the table to see more rows.