(as at 1 July 2023)

1On commencement of proceedings for summary applications, summary offences, minor indictable offences or indictable offences


No fee is payable under this clause for a private application for an intervention order, pursuant to clause 2.

$318.00 plus if the complaint or information alleges more than 1 offence—$57.50
2For a private application for an intervention order under section 20 of the Intervention Orders (Prevention of Abuse) Act 2009, where domestic abuse is allegedNo fee
3On application for an adoption order under the Adoption Act 1988$204.00
4For copy of evidence—
      (a)      per page in electronic form$9.50
      (b)      per page in hard‑copy form$12.10
5For copy of reasons for judgment—per page


A party to proceedings is entitled to 1 copy of the reasons without charge.

6For copy of any other document—per page$5.65
7For production of transcript at request of a party where the Court does not require the transcript—per page$19.10