The Media and Communications Office has corporate responsibility for media liaison and community based activities that are intended to improve public understanding of the role and work of the courts.

The Media and Communications Branch provides services such as:

• Media liaison
• Coordination of guest speaking engagements
• Court visits for adult groups

Daily court information is released as follows:

• Coroner’s findings are available within half an hour of being delivered.
• Sentencing remarks and judgments from the higher courts are available within a day or two of being delivered.
• Case lists are available online after 5:20pm the day before hearings are scheduled. Case lists are also displayed in public areas of each courthouse.


View media releases, statements and replies to media queries have been issued by the Courts Administration Authority. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Media and Communications Office.

Legislation governs access to evidence and/or the right to be present in court. The relevant provisions are:

Application forms

Application forms are required for access to evidence such as files, transcript and tendered exhibits. When publishing such material, media representatives are reminded that it is their legal responsibility to ensure that suppressed material is not published. The suppression order register is located on the Ground Floor, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Online form

The following Media access form is provided for use from mobile and desk devices. It encompasses all courts. Select the court from the drop down menu. When using a desk computer, the form can be filled in and printed if you require a hard copy but as soon as the submit button is selected , the information is sent. A Registry Online account is NOT required. Enquiries or difficulties using the form should be directed to the CAA Media and Communications Office.

Application for access by media to court documents

A guide for media reporting in South Australian Courts.pdfDownload 

Courts are open to the public daily and are free, but to arrange a group tour please call +61 8 82040403 or email