The Judicial Conference of Australia has produced 'Judge for Yourself: A guide to sentencing in Australia' ( 5MB).

The following sentencing remarks have been handed down in Supreme or District Court matters. For Environment, Resources and Development Court matters please select the ERD Court menu item.

Person Date Charge Court
BADEN, Alan Leon 23/12/2020 aggravated possessing child exploitation material (5); possessing child exploitation material (4); engaging in indecent filming person under 17 years (2); engaging in indecent filming person over 17 years (2). District Court
COLLINS, David Gene 15/01/2021 aggravated possessing child exploitation material; possessing child exploitation material. District Court
DART, Hayley Peta 12/01/2021 trafficking in a controlled drug (2). District Court
ELRICK, Kyle Alexander 21/12/2020 trafficking in a controlled drug. District Court
GRUNDY, Leighton James 11/01/2021 possessing a firearm without a firearms licence; failing to comply with a bail agreement. District Court
HACKETT, David Colin 23/12/2020 recklessly causing harm. District Court
HART, Leigh Wesley David 23/12/2020 aggravated possessing a category H firearm without a licence; possessing an unregistered category H firearm; contravening a provision of the Code of Practice; possessing ammunition without a licence or permit; contravening a term of an intervention order; possessing a prohibited weapon (2). District Court
ILICH, Alexander Michael 23/12/2020 trafficking in a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug; aggravated possessing category C, D, H firearm without a licence; contravening a prohibition order; money laundering. District Court
KAMBOURIS, Emmanuel Jeff 23/12/2020 aggravated offence of unauthorised possession of a class H firearm; trafficking in a commercial quantity of a controlled drug (2); money laundering. District Court
KARPANY, Simon Colin 21/12/2020 robbery; aggravated serious criminal trespass in a non-residential building; damaging a building; damaging property; breach of bail. District Court
MAY, Benjamin Samuel 19/01/2021 aggravated possessing prescribed firearm without licence; possessing a prescribed firearm without identifying mark; contravening a provision of the code of practice - Category C; possessing any other firearm without licence; possessing an unregistered firearm; acquire, own or possess ammunition without licence or permit. District Court
NKOMO, Qeslisani 23/12/2020 aggravated serious criminal trespass in a place of residence with the intention of committing a theft; theft; indecent assault; attempted rape. District Court
PEPPER, Saxon Cade Steven 23/12/2020 breach of home detention order. District Court
SELA, Elsaid 22/12/2020 cultivating a commercial quantity of a controlled plant; cultivating a controlled plant, again cannabis. District Court
V, JE 23/12/2020 rape (3); aggravated assault (2). District Court