Legal profession required to use CourtSA to lodge documents in civil proceedings where CourtSA has an online option

From Monday 21 September 2020, CourtSA is being mandated for legal practitioners in the civil jurisdiction.
This means:

  • Anything that can be lodged using CourtSA must be. View instructions on how to lodge prescribed forms using CourtSA.
  • Anything that cannot be lodged using CourtSA because:
    • it is a lodgement that cannot be done using CourtSA;
    • there is a data migration or technical issue associated with the case; or
    • access to the case has been requested but not yet granted

can be lodged via email or in person at a Court Registry counter

See the CourtSA Help Centre for more information.

Any questions can be directed to the CourtSA Registry Services Team by phone (08) 8204 2444 or email During this time there may be longer wait and processing times. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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