Sheriff’s Office leadership changes

“A new interim leadership team – Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff – will commence in the Sheriff’s Office, from 15 June 2021, as a result of leave arrangements and a resignation.

A senior manager from the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) will be transferring to CAA to act as the Sheriff for an anticipated period of three months.

An internal CAA senior manager will be Acting Deputy Sheriff for the same period of time.

The Acting Sheriff has a strong leadership and people management background in justice, including in key operational roles. The acting role is a secondment and not a DCS role and the Acting Sheriff will not be under any DCS direction.

The Acting Deputy Sheriff brings strong leadership, knowledge and commitment of best practice to the Sheriff’s Office.

The CAA values and respects the important work of Sheriff’s Officers in the administration of justice. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing a cultural change program that includes ensuring the voice of all Sheriff’s Officers is heard in contributing to improvements in their work place.

An independent consultant engaged to facilitate a ‘Your Voice on Culture’ process will complete their work and provide a report to the State Courts Administration Council in June.”

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