20 July 2021

 Arrangements for the Supreme Court during COVID-19 lockdown from 21 July 2021 

Court of Appeal – Any matters listed in the lockdown period will be heard in the ordinary manner unless the presiding Judge otherwise directs. 

Criminal Arraignments – Will proceed in the ordinary manner but with all persons in custody appearing by AVL.

Criminal Trials – Part-heard trials will continue to completion.  No new trial will be commenced during the lockdown period. Trials listed to commence after the lockdown period will proceed on that day unless the assigned Judge otherwise directs.

Civil Trials – Part-heard trials will continue unless the presiding Judge otherwise directs.

Directions Hearings before Judges –  The parties are encouraged to agree on consent orders to progress any matter listed for directions in the lockdown period.  All other directions hearings will proceed as listed in the ordinary manner unless the Judge otherwise directs.  The parties are at liberty to apply by email to the Judge’s chambers for an electronic hearing.

Magistrates Appeals – Magistrates Appeals listed in the lockdown period will be heard in the ordinary way subject to any direction by the Judge to whom the matter is assigned.  Counsel should be prepared for an electronic hearing by way of WebEx.

Master’s Lists – All hearings for the remainder of this week will either be postponed or dealt with administratively. Parties are encouraged to provide consent orders to progress the matter. Matters in next week’s lists will be assessed when the situation becomes clearer and the parties will be given further advice by lunch time on Friday as to matters listed on Monday and Tuesday 26 and 27 July. ​

Supreme Civil Enquiries:
p: (08) 8204 0289
e: supreme.registry@courts.sa.gov.au

Criminal enquiries:
p: (08) 8204 2444
e: ccrcs@courts.sa.gov.au​