16 July 2021

 A statement from State Courts Administrator, Ms Penny Croser
I WORK FOR SA – Your Voice Survey 2021

“The Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE) has released the results of the I WORK FOR SA -Your Voice Survey 2021, a survey of the public sector that was undertaken over a four-week period in May. The CAA results are published on the OCPSE website in line with other Government agencies.​

The CAA response rate of 41% was above the public sector average, and much higher than the response rate of 14% in the 2018 survey. I thank those who took part in the survey – it is important that staff felt confident to have their say.

The CAA scored below average, particularly in the areas of senior leadership and management, performance management, learning and development and employees feeling valued. The number of people who reported witnessing or experiencing bullying and harassment was high as was the number who said there is a lack of career opportunities in the CAA.

The results are concerning and provide a clear message that we need to act to make sure that the CAA is a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace for our people.

The path to changing a workplace culture is not a simple one, it is multi-faceted and will require a sustained and committed effort across the whole organisation.  The Executive Leadership Team and the State Courts Administration Council are committed to transparency, consultation and listening. To change the culture, we need to understand and address the underlying issues.

The survey provides some clear direction for the work that needs to be done. Some of this work is already underway following the release of the Statutory Authorities Review Committee (SARC) Inquiry into the Sheriff’s Office and the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity’s Review of Harassment in the Legal Profession.

Work is progressing on reviewing our complaints mechanisms to ensure staff have confidence and trust in the system. Where appropriate, we are focusing on conflict resolution and relationship building with all parties being properly supported. We need to have processes in place to allow staff to safely raise and resolve issues when they first arise.

We will build management capability and trust by ensuring managers have the skills and support to lead in line with the CAA’s values. Selection processes will be refreshed as will training and development. There will be a focus on workplace safety, including psychological safety.

I am committed to driving the cultural change that is required. I value the work of our people and, although I have only been here for a short time, I see many positives as I move around the organisation.  The work we do is so important, and our people are committed to providing a valuable service in the administration of justice in South Australia.  By ensuring that we all are respected, valued and engaged, that service will become even better.”


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