Arrangements for Supreme Court, District Court and ERD Court

From 4 January 2022

These measures are in response to the current COVID-19 situation in South Australia and are subject to review.



Hearings will proceed in January in the ordinary way, save that the Court may contact practitioners to arrange an AVL or on the papers hearing and practitioners who wish to arrange an alternative hearing procedure should contact the chambers of the judicial officer before whom the matter is listed.

Attendance by AVL for prisoners in custody will be arranged where possible.



  • Wherever practical, to avoid attendance in person at the Higher Courts Registry all documents presented in the approved form for filing with the Higher Courts, should be presented for filing electronically in advance of the court hearing and in accordance with the applicable Court Rules relating to documents and service or by registered post.
  • Documents can be lodged electronically for Civil, Probate and ERD matters via the ECMS portal
  • Documents can also be lodged electronically by email as follows:
  • The original testamentary document must still be lodged with the Probate Registry via the drop-off box located in Sir Samuel Way building or via post to 241-259 Victoria Square Adelaide 5000.
  • ​Where it is not possible to send documents electronically, they can be posted to: GPO Box 2465 Adelaide. (Indicate on the envelope which court the documents are being sent to) or lodged in a registry filing box located in the Sir Samuel Way building.
  • All emailed documents should be signed and lodged in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.
  • All documents including written submissions, must be submitted to the Court no later than 1 clear working day before the hearing.
  • Communication with the Court is required to be via the CourtSA website (Portal) or email to the relevant court.
  • Parties and practitioners are reminded of the requirement that all parties must be copied in any email communication with the Court.