17 November 2022

The report of the Judicial Conduct Panel (the Panel) into Mr Simon Milazzo has been tabled in Parliament, finding the complaints against him proved and recommending his removal as a Magistrate.  The Governor has acted on that opinion and removed the Magistrate from Office.

I would like to acknowledge the strength and courage of the victims who have made complaints and given evidence before the Panel.  I am very sorry that they have been harmed by the conduct of a Magistrate of this Court.  Whilst I have not yet met with all of the victims, I would like to listen to, and learn from, what they have to say, if they wish to speak with me.

Judicial Officers are subject to the laws and standards of acceptable behaviour which are equally applicable to all.  Everyone has a right to a safe workplace.  Power imbalances must be guarded against.

The Panel report and recommendations are a clear reminder to all judicial officers that we must be beyond reproach. I will continue to work with Magistrates to ensure that the standards outlined in the Judicial Officer Appropriate Workplace Conduct Policy are upheld. Magistrates will continue training about harassment, including sexual harassment.

Workplace cultures which support employees to speak up if they experience or witness harassment of any sort must be fostered.   Importantly for CAA employees, the policies relating to workplace behaviour have been strengthened, including support for victims and confidential avenues of reporting for both victims and witnesses, and a resolution procedure.

The State Courts Administration Council and the CAA are committed to providing a safe workplace for all.