A Statement from Chief Judge Michael Evans

Judge Timothy Heffernan, who was the subject of a complaint about his conduct and referral to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, has resigned from the Office of Judge of the District Court, Licensing Court and Environment, Resources and Development Court, effective from 17 May 2023.  As the Judge is no longer a judicial officer, the Judicial Conduct Commissioner was bound to terminate the investigation without making any findings.

The Court takes all complaints of inappropriate judicial conduct very seriously.   In referring the complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, and whilst the investigation proceeded, the Court followed the relevant policies and protocols, including the Judicial Officer Appropriate Workplace Conduct Policy and the Courts Administration Authority Resolution Procedure which provide a safe and confidential avenue for the affected CAA employees to report.  The Court continues to support those employees and all Court staff.


A Statement from Chief Justice Chris Kourakis

I make no comment on the investigation of Judge Heffernan which has now terminated without any finding being made.

However, speaking generally, the community rightly expects that those persons to whom it entrusts the administration of justice observe the highest standards of respectful and decent conduct, according to all with whom they interact the dignity to which they are entitled.  Any person who cannot meet those standards should not seek judicial office or expect to remain in office.


A Statement from State Courts Administrator, Ms Penny Croser

The Courts Administration Authority (CAA) is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace for all employees. We have a range of measures to support employees throughout any investigation and complaint management process. At all times, the wellbeing of CAA employees is the priority when managing complaints, including complaints about a judicial officer.

The CAA will continue to support the affected employees.