Being involved in a matter can be a complex and costly process. You should seek legal advice before appealing or reviewing a judgment of a court or tribunal. You can also speak to the other party to try and resolve the issue.

The steps below provide general information and do not cover all scenarios nor constitute legal advice.

Either a completed (as applicable):

You will need to pay a fee for lodging this form using a credit/debit card.

See the Civil Court fees page for more information.


  1. Log in to CourtSA
  2. Select “Start a new case” in the drop down field
  3. Then “Yes” if you know what you would like to do
  4. Select “Notice of appeal or notice of review” in the case type drop down field
  5. Read the information in the blue information box then click the “Lodge a notice of appeal or notice of review” button
  6. Complete the form and click proceed
  7. Upload either your Form 181S Appeal Grounds or Form 182S Review Grounds
  8. Complete the online payment process
  9. Once your notice has been paid for, you will receive a receipt confirmation
  10. To view your notice of appeal or notice of review document once it is approved, go to “My Cases” and click on the “My existing cases” tab
  11. Select the “View Case” in the Action column
  12. The summary screen will display a case details panel and parties panel
  13. To download and print a copy of your notice, click the “Documents” tab and then the relevant notice hyperlink within the Filed Documents panel

You will receive a notification confirming your appeal or review has been received for review by the Court.

If it is accepted for filing:

Using the information you provided, CourtSA will generate either a sealed:

  • Form 181 Notice of Appeal and append your Form 181S Appeal Grounds,
  • Form 182 Notice of Review and append your Form 182S Review Grounds,
  • Form 182A Notice of Review – Minor Civil Action, or
  • Form 182B Notice of Review – Marriage Consent

You will receive an email from CourtSA letting you know that your appeal or review has been accepted for filing and is available on CourtSA.

The Court will list your appeal or review to be heard and send a notice of hearing to all parties.

If it is rejected:

You will receive a notification to let you know why it was rejected. Your filing fee will be refunded to the credit/debit card you used to pay.